How it works

We filter your Investment Ideas using a community-based voting system.

If an Investment Idea is selected in the AlphaSwap Portfolio, both Idea Generator and Idea Voter will be rewarded based on the Idea’s performance.

Two ways to contribute


Submit your Investment Idea

Submit your investment Idea backed by high-quality research, and stake AlphaSwap credits against it to quantify your level of confidence in the idea.

Every user is given 1,000 credits upon registering with the platform
Only listed Companies (min. $100mm Market Cap)
15,000 Companies listed on 20+ exchanges
Submit your investment idea

Vote on Investment Ideas

After each investment idea is listed, it is open for a 5 day voting period. The Community votes for the most convincing ideas using AlphaSwap credits as the voting mechanism

Every user is given 1,000 credits upon registering with the platform
The amount of credits you stake allows you to show your level of conviction in an idea. The more credits you commit the greater the confidence you have in an idea.
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If an idea gets enough votes it moves through to the AlphaSwap portfolio, to join the many other successfully selected ideas.
Vote for investment idea

Get Paid on Idea Performance

If an Idea performs, the Idea Generator AND Idea Voter get rewarded in both cash and credits.

The payout is determined by the performance of the idea.
Performance is calculated based on a set of variables. These differ depending on  whether you are being rewarded as an Idea Generator or Idea Voter.
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Our Users

AlphaSwap’s community consists of people passionate about investing. From interested amateurs & experienced professionals, right through to industry experts.


Submit Investment Ideas backed by research, and can also vote on other investors’ Ideas.

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Talented Private Investor

Support Alpha Generators’ Investment Ideas by voting for the best investment thesis.

Engaged Market Followers
Financial Market Enthusiast
Aspiring Investors
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Share industry knowledge and expertise regarding an Investment Idea with the community.

Former Management
A Best-In-Class Platform

High Quality Content

The unique voting system, expert endorsements and proprietary vetting system ensure AlphaSwap Investment Ideas are of the highest quality.


Performance and track records displayed with full transparency, including
high-quality data analysis.


Rewards are not based on views, clicks or trading volume. AlphaSwap’s multi-layered rewards result purely as a function of performance, with compensation going to all users who contribute to an Idea.

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