Build An Investment Track Record.
Get Paid for it.

Share your stock ideas with top asset managers and a global community.
Get paid cash if your ideas perform without putting capital at risk.
Alphaswap's community includes current and former employees at

Discover how AlphaSwap works

Here's a snapshot of what AlphaSwap is and isn't:

Here's what AlphaSwap actually is:

The world’s first and only decentralized repository of stock ideas
That pays its users hard cash based on performance
And gives them visibility regardless of their location
While connecting them to a global community of asset managers an analysts

AlphaSwap is not:

A traditional stock idea marketplace
An idea publishing platform
A trading platform
A platform where you need to invest your own capital

Frequently asked questions

We’re sure you have questions. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked ones.

How much can I earn?

For now, the total amount payable to successful users varies between $1,000 and $10,000 per month and depends on the inception-to-date performance of a user’s virtual portfolio.

Do I need to invest anything?

No. We calculate users’ individual performances based on their respective virtual portfolios, there is no capital at risk. However, pay outs are in hard cash.

Would there be conflict of interest with my current role?

Please check your employer’s compliance manual. But keep in mind, AlphaSwap is not an investment platform and users do not invest in securities.

Can I show my investment track record to prospective employers?

Users build a track record of stock ideas and performance on the AlphaSwap platform that is transparent and easy to audit for prospective employers.

Can I be anonymous on the platform?

Yes, users can choose to remain completely anonymous.

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What our Community Says

Our Community is made of hand-picked professionals of the Buy-Side, Sell and Private Investors.

"I don't think anyone else is doing what you are doing"

"I don't think anyone else is doing what you guys are doing right now. I really do think that you guys will succeed. Continue with the great work!"

Dennis Chan
Value Investor
"AlphaSwap has a fantastic product"

"I think AlphaSwap has a fantastic product. I shared my Investment ideas; we'll have a really nice portfolio."

Simon Popple
Brookville Capital